The Core Values

My friends, change is a scary thing, but a necessary part of existing and growing. Just when you think you have a direction figured out, one butterfly effect can put so many new things into motion. Change is guaranteed, just like death.

In the late spring, I parted ways with my current employer, as “our core values no longer aligned.”  At the time, I was crushed.  What had seemed so promising and progressive was not to be, and I was left struggling with what direction to take next and where to place trust.  Depression ate at my creativity, and I found myself falling into writer’s block.  I had so much I needed to share, but no drive or enthusiasm to share it. People were still reaching out with touching stories about their memorial tattoos, so I decided to find someone to take over the Momento Mori tattoo portion of The Modern Mortician page, so I could put focus into myself.

I worked through grieving the past and began preparing for the future. I spent the summer months volunteering and immersing myself in other aspects of my funeral career that get sidelined when the families you are serving come first. What evolved over the next few months was pretty amazing; new friendships and allies, and new ideas and inspirations.

Through strong connections and a network of people who believe in me, I am now able to take steps to nourish my passion, starting with providing home vigils and natural death care choices to the people and pets of Central Texas.  I am thankful to have such supportive mentors in my life, as amazing things never happen on the shoulders of one person alone.

corevaluesSo, what are the Core Values of the Modern Mortician?  My core values are to be transparent about funeral care, empower families in death, and “lift the veiled hood on the cloak of death”- which can be translated into, “This Mortician will NOT feed you smokey Bull Shit on a mirrored platter.”

I am looking forward to rolling out new information and sharing new things about death care and the direction of funeral service. What a sweet relief to say I do not answer to anyone but you, the reader.  Your critique is far more important to me than that of those whose core values do not align with mine.



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